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Light sources with bias tunable spectrum based on van der Waals interface transistors
Henck H, Mauro D, Domaretskiy D, Philippi M, Memaran S, Zheng W, Lu Z, Shcherbakov D, Lau CN, Smirnov D, Balicas L, Watanabe K, Taniguchi T, Fal’ko VI, Gutierrez Lezama I, Ubrig N, Morpurgo A.

Nature communications. 2022;13(1):3917

Light-emitting electronic devices are ubiquitous in key areas of current technology, such as data communications, solid-state lighting, displays, and optical interconnects. Controlling the spectrum of the emitted light electrically, by simply acting on the device bias conditions, is an important…

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Probing Magnetism in Exfoliated VI3 Layers with Magnetotransport
Soler Delgado D, Yao F, Dumcenco D, Giannini E, Li J, Occhialini CA, Comin R, Ubrig N, Morpurgo A.

Nano letters. 2022;:2c01361

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Quasi 1D Electronic Transport in a 2D Magnetic Semiconductor
Wu F, Gutierrez Lezama I, Lopéz‐Paz SA, Gibertini M, Watanabe K, Taniguchi T, Von Rohr FO, Ubrig N, Morpurgo A.

Advanced materials. 2022;:2109759

We investigate electronic transport through exfoliated multilayers of CrSBr, a 2D semiconductor that is attracting attention because of its magnetic properties. We find an extremely pronounced anisotropy that manifests itself in qualitative and quantitative differences of all quantities measured…

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Identifying atomically thin crystals with diffusively reflected light
Domaretskiy D, Ubrig N, Gutierrez Lezama I, Tran M, Morpurgo A.

2D Materials. 2021;8(045016)

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Ionic gate spectroscopy of 2D semiconductors
Gutierrez Lezama I, Ubrig N, Ponomarev E, Morpurgo A.

Nature Reviews Physics. 2021;

Reliable and precise measurements of the relative energy of band edges in 2D semiconductors are needed to determine band gaps and band offsets, as well as to establish the band diagram of devices and heterostructures. However, commonly employed techniques such as optical studies and scanning…

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Magnetization dependent tunneling conductance of ferromagnetic barriers
Wang Z, Gutierrez Lezama I, Dumcenco D, Ubrig N, Taniguchi T, Watanabe K, Giannini E, Gibertini M, Morpurgo A.

Nature communications. 2021;12(1):6659

Recent experiments on van der Waals antiferromagnets have shown that measuring the temperature ( T ) and magnetic field ( H ) dependence of the conductance allows their magnetic phase diagram to be mapped. Similarly, experiments on ferromagnetic CrBr 3 barriers enabled the Curie temperature to be…

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Theory of cross quantum capacitance
Berthod C, Zhang H, Morpurgo A, Giamarchi T.

Physical Review Research. 2021;3(4):043036

Impressive progress in the control of atomically thin crystals is now enabling the realization of gated structures in which two electrodes are separated by atomic scale distances. The electrical capacitance of these structures is determined by phenomena that are not relevant in capacitors with…

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Doctoral Thesis

Optoelectronic Phenomena in 2D Materials and Heterostructures
Domaretskiy D.

2-dimensional (2D) materials have stunned the scientific community and have triggered immense interest due to their unique optoelectronic properties. These properties strongly depend on the thickness of 2D layers and can be controlled by an externally applied voltage providing experimental…

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