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Full Control of Solid‐State Electrolytes for Electrostatic Gating
Cao C, Melegari M, Philippi M, Domaretskiy D, Ubrig N, Gutierrez Lezama I, Morpurgo A.

Advanced materials. 2023;:2211993

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Dynamic magnetic crossover at the origin of the hidden-order in van der Waals antiferromagnet CrSBr
Lopez Paz SA, Guguchia Z, Pomjakushin VY, Witteveen C, Cervellino A, Luetkens H, Casati N, Morpurgo A, von Rohr F.

Nature communications. 2022;13(1):4745

The van-der-Waals material CrSBr stands out as a promising two-dimensional magnet. Here, we report on its detailed magnetic and structural characteristics. We evidence that it undergoes a transition to an A-type antiferromagnetic state below T N ≈ 140 K with a pronounced…

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Light sources with bias tunable spectrum based on van der Waals interface transistors
Henck H, Mauro D, Domaretskiy D, Philippi M, Memaran S, Zheng W, Lu Z, Shcherbakov D, Lau CN, Smirnov D, Balicas L, Watanabe K, Taniguchi T, Fal’ko VI, Gutierrez Lezama I, Ubrig N, Morpurgo A.

Nature communications. 2022;13(1):3917

Light-emitting electronic devices are ubiquitous in key areas of current technology, such as data communications, solid-state lighting, displays, and optical interconnects. Controlling the spectrum of the emitted light electrically, by simply acting on the device bias conditions, is an important…

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Probing Magnetism in Exfoliated VI3 Layers with Magnetotransport
Soler Delgado D, Yao F, Dumcenco D, Giannini E, Li J, Occhialini CA, Comin R, Ubrig N, Morpurgo A.

Nano letters. 2022;:2c01361

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Quasi 1D Electronic Transport in a 2D Magnetic Semiconductor
Wu F, Gutierrez Lezama I, Lopéz‐Paz SA, Gibertini M, Watanabe K, Taniguchi T, Von Rohr FO, Ubrig N, Morpurgo A.

Advanced materials. 2022;:2109759

We investigate electronic transport through exfoliated multilayers of CrSBr, a 2D semiconductor that is attracting attention because of its magnetic properties. We find an extremely pronounced anisotropy that manifests itself in qualitative and quantitative differences of all quantities measured…

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Quenching the bandgap of two-dimensional semiconductors with a perpendicular electric field
Domaretskiy D, Philippi M, Gibertini M, Ubrig N, Gutierrez Lezama I, Morpurgo A.

Nature nanotechnology. 2022;

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Observation of flat Γ moiré bands in twisted bilayer WSe2
Gatti G, Issing J, Rademaker L, Margot F, Jong TA de, Molen SJ van der, Teyssier J, Kim TK, Watson MD, Cacho C, Dudin P, Avila J, Edwards KC, Paruch P, Ubrig N, Gutierrez Lezama I, Morpurgo A, Tamai A, Baumberger F.


The recent observation of correlated phases in transition metal dichalcogenide moir\'e systems at integer and fractional filling promises new insight into metal-insulator transitions and the unusual states of matter that can emerge near such transitions. Here, we combine real- and…

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Doctoral Thesis

Optoelectronic Phenomena in 2D Materials and Heterostructures
Domaretskiy D.

2-dimensional (2D) materials have stunned the scientific community and have triggered immense interest due to their unique optoelectronic properties. These properties strongly depend on the thickness of 2D layers and can be controlled by an externally applied voltage providing experimental…

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